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Blogger is Google’s free tool for creating blogs. Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.
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Blogger is available in all main languages (more than 50)
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Blogger has launched mobile applications for users with mobile devices. Users can post and edit blogs, and also share photos and links on Blogger through their mobile devices. Not only advanced mobile devices, such as smartphones, are being considered, since users can also post blogs via traditional cell phones by SMS and MMS.
Approximate no. of users that use the tool (Optional) was purchased by Google in 2003, which enabled it to grow using Google’s resources. Today, has an undisclosed number of millions of users blogging on their system.

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How entrepreneurs can or already use this tool for facilitating extensively the daily operation of their business and further development of their business? Please be specific and provide clear examples/use case scenarios that can be useful to other entrepreneurs/start up owners
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- There are thousands of free/premium blogger templates available all over the world
- You can customise your template design by editing your blog css and template html
- You can monetizing your blog with Google AdSense or you may add third party custom ad code
- easy publishing of your contents
- Blogger offer your blog to transform to mobile website whenever some internet user visitiung your blog via mobile., It's up to you decide how your website appears on mobiles
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Free: 100 blogs per account