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Elance is an online staffing platform.
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Today over 800,000 businesses and 3 million freelancers use Elance in 170+ countries.
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Elance is one of a vistual site where freelancers and project owners meet to get the job done.

For clients:
The Elance website allows businesses to post jobs, search for freelance professionals, and solicit proposals. They can evaluate the contractors applying for the job and, once a contractor is selected, communications and files are exchanged through the Elance system. Payment for jobs, which can either be hourly-rateor project-based jobs, is made by the client through Elance's system, which deducts a percentage of the fee as a "commission Elance offers a Work View tool provides an official record of work completed.

For freelancers:
Freelancers search Elance's website for jobs and can research clients' buying histories on the system. Each freelancer can post a profile displaying past jobs and feedback, a portfolio, and specific skill and educational-background information. Registered free users are allowed to submit a limited number of proposals each month while those on paid membership plans can submit additional proposals. Elance offers payment guarantee once work is done using the Elance system.
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More than 1 million freelance jobs are completed through Elance annually.
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Elance is free to join, post jobs, and see your candidates on Elance. Elance add an 8.75% fee to your freelancer’s bid. You see and pay this price only, when you approve work.

There are no additional charges. You can choose to “Feature” your job for $25 for maximum exposure.