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Doodle is an Internet calendar tool for time management, and coordinating meetings.
Group and individual scheduling tool.

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20 languages

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June 2015 just ios version offered

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Doodle crosses the 20M user mark

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Doodle’s professional packages includes the following free features:
  • Meeting invitations (polls) with multiple options that are independent of participant’s calendar systems.
  • Two e-mails cover the whole coordination process, and each participant can indicate his or her preferences.
  • Initiating and answering meeting invitations in the Doodle calendar view.
  • Full integration with Outlook and Google calendars and address book.
  • Integration with any individual or public calendar: Google Calender, Google Apps,Outlook, Lotus Notes, and any other calendar with an ICS feed.
  • Flexible options: time zone support, reservations, hidden polls, …

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References of specific organisations or entrepreneurs/start up owners that are using the specific tool with success:

"Doodle: helps set up meetings quickly without back and forth emails" -

Torrey TayenakaCEO of Sparkhouse - ideamensch

"Doodle allows me to organize a meeting with 20 busy executives, thought leaders, and consultants who might live in five different time zones. It’s convenient and saves an incredible amount of time". -

Sue Bingham – Founder and Principal of HPWP Consulting - ideamensch

Cost and if a free version exists please explain what it offers in brief [Please provide a link with pricing details also]:

Most of the features are free: Doodle account, Doodle mobile, MeetMe

It also offer a Premium version, more info