Cirrusinsight for Gmail

Tool Short description:
Cirrusinsight is app which enables connection of Salesforce and Gmail.
Tool Logo:
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS9FrxYYRiZaKP2f_CE38sRlta5EQkeCR-8676K-T7kWNBxwPyc
Link for more info:
User Interface Languages:
Indicate whether Mobile version is available:
Yes (iPhone, Android)
Approximate no. of users that use the tool (Optional):
50.000 businesses (small and large)
How entrepreneurs can or already use this tool for facilitating extensively the daily operation of their business and further development of their business? Please be specific and provide clear examples/use case scenarios that can be useful to other entrepreneurs/start up owners
This are examples of how people are using the tool:

  • To instantly lookup Salesforce in Gmail
  • To logg emails to Salesforce
  • To create new leads and create contacts
  • To track who opened emails

  • Save emails directly to Salesforce
  • See customer context in Gmail
  • See who opens your emails with real-time notifications
  • Sync Google Calendar & Contacts to Salesforce
  • Create leads/contacts with Contact Capture™
  • Use Salesforce templates in Gmail
  • Create and update opportunities/cases
  • Integrate all your favorite Salesforce apps with Gmail
  • Compatible with all editions of Salesforce
References of specific organisations or entrepreneurs/start up owners that are using the specific tool with success:
Raymond Rahbar Jr. – Founder of UberOffices
Cost and if a free version exists please explain what it offers in brief [Please provide a link with pricing details also]:
Free trial: Offers 30days

Paid plan: Salesforce Fully Integrated with Gmail, Office 365, and Mobile costs ($19 per user/month)