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A complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for organizations
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English, German, Polish, Ukrain
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Yes (iPhone, Android)
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Bitrix24 is mostly free online collaboration software that provides tools for document sharing, tasking, CRM, calendaring, search, email and project management. These tools are linked in a social-media style environment incorporating user profiles, liking, commenting, chat, and content sharing.

Bitrix24 is available as a cloud-hosted or self-hosted service. It comes with a desktop app for video calls, messaging and file sync, and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Main features and benefits are:

Social network
An internal social network lets you collaborate easier, faster and more efficiently. Get instant feedback, share ideas, create workgroups and engage your employees. That’s Productivity 2.0.

Tasks and projects
From personal ToDos and simple tasks to complex projects – Bitrix24 helps delegate and coordinate, making sure the job is done properly and on time.

Group chat and video
Your business can’t wait, so use real time communication tools from videoconferencing to group chat available in Bitrix24 absolutely free.

Document management
Secure online document storage, online multi-user editing and custom document approval workflows are just a few advantages of Bitrix24's document management system.

Share files and folders easily with your co-workers, access your data on any device and get rid of your old file server, because you no longer need it.

Calendar and PlanninG
Invite your colleagues to a meeting, schedule appointments with clients directly from the CRM, create private and shared calendars for yourself, workgroups, or entire company.

Sell more with Bitrix24's CRM and sales team management. From customer database to email marketing and automatic lead assignment – it’s all there.
e phone calls to your clients and co-workers from your portal with one click. Log and record phone calls directly inside the CRM. Yes, you can use Bitrix24 as a virtual call center.

Our human resources management system comes with an employee directory, absence chart, self service portal, time management, work reports, knowledge base and 20+ other HR tools.

Yes, it works on your iPhone, iPad or Android too. You can take your Bitrix24 account with your phone or tablet and it will always be only one tap away.
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