Bernadette Doyle youtube channel
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A series of videos on how to run a business and attract clients
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25k followers, around 1000 video subscribers
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Videos are offering lots of first hand practical tip on how to build a business from very succesful entrepreneur Bernardette Doyle.

Some of the topics she covers (there is more then 100 videos):

  • The power of decision?
  • What's your business plan?
  • How to position yourself as a problem solver?
  • Are you selling the wrong thing?
  • Are you pushing clients away?
  • How to start home based business?
  • How to start a business with no money?
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Robert Speller -Thanks Bernadette....This was an eye opener, and its amazing you just said one word, that made this video a must see for me. The way you put the word DELIVER, just hit me. Its a funny thing, this LOA business is but its worth it.

Manda Melissa -
I love this episode! I believe we have all entered a new chapter in our lives; these are great tips and tricks to help us take inventory of where we are and where we want to go. Thank you Bernadette!
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Free, available during Youtube.